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Every gene tells a story


Delivering a future of health for all

Genomic medicine has the potential to transform patients lives and, at Nanotransfer our mission is to reimagine the future of gene therapy by unlocking it full potential.

Globally, there are 500 million people affected by genetic diseases.
That is 1 in every 15 people.

Gene therapies are the definitive cure for genetic based diseases. However, there are approximately 50 FDA approved therapies out of 10000 reported genetic diseases. It has been challenging to produce the appropriate vehicle to deliver functional genes into damaged cells.

Nanotransfer is a game changer for gene therapies since allow the unleash next generation therapy will positively impact people’s life quality as well as allowing all patients to access this treatment.

We develop our own  library of non-viral,  safe, efficient, and cost-effective delivery system for gene therapy applications. 
At Nanotransfer we have the key to unlocking the potential of gene therapies.

We are a Science-Driven Nanobiotech Company

In Nanotransfer we are developing a cutting edge library of nanoparticles based on metal oxides that can deliver genes in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo gene therapies. We have the knowledge  to target specific tissues by tuning the properties of synthesized nanoparticles. Our vehicles are agnostic: they can deliver  different kinds of nucleic acid and sophisticated editing tools such as CRISPR.

Our system is:


Accessible to all patients

Re-treatment possibility

Extensive payload


Cell targeting

Nanotransfer workflow

Gene production

Our customers focus on the gene design to cure a specific disease.

Vehicle selection

Based on gene size and target cell, customers choose an adequate Nanotrasnfer’s vehicle.

Gene-vehicle integration

In a fast and simple step, Gene and Vehicle are mixed and integrated.

Therapy application

The system Gene-Vehicle is ready tu be applied.


The team